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Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Olympics!

I love how two different conversations can merge in your head and form something completely new.  I was talking recently with family and friends about snappy comebacks.  I said that I always think of them much later - I guess I'm clever but not quick.  Then later that evening, I mentioned I was excited about the Summer Olympics and someone asked me why.  At the time I said something like, "Because it's the top athletes in the world competing in amazing challenges."

My clever response came much later, but here it is.

The Olympics is a competition that began centuries ago, but has been revived and updated in modern times, and continues to change with the times.  It is an opportunity for the nations of the world to meet in battle without firing any shots, other than starter pistols.  Nearly every nation in the world, recognized or unrecognized, participates.  Athletes show what dedication, training, and persistence can yield in the human body.  The strength, grace, agility and speed of human bone, muscle and sinew are on display in a way that nothing else captures.  Olympic athletes are winners, are beautiful, are to be emulated.  For a few brief weeks, the whole world comes together in a way that is so rare as to be cherished - we are in friendly competition, cheer for one another, and are involved in an activity together, watching our world's greatest athletes.  It is a thing of beauty.

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