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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reward Yourself!


Not this!!
Did you work out this week and last?  How many times?  Did you do better than you usually do?  Then maybe you should reward yourself for a job well done.

One of the things I learned about in my child development courses was the concept of positive reinforcement.  Sure, the idea is taught for teachers to "use" on children, but we can use it on ourselves as well.  Rewarding yourself for making positive changes is a good way to keep doing those things.  

Just don't sabotage your efforts by rewarding with junk food.  Instead, get some great gear.  You can head over to your local sports store and find some excellent choices, or you can check out these links and buy some fun, energizing items online.  Whichever you choose, I hope you'll be kind to your body and give it something to make your workouts even more enjoyable.

Mymottoz.com is a fun site that sells workout gear and jewelry for men and women.  I like their list of fun clothing mottoes.  I think my fave is "pain is temporary, quitting is forever."  

CoolclothingUSA.com is a site that features clothing made in the US and made of moisture wicking material.

Shoes are a whole other issue.  Since our feet are very different from other people's, what one person likes might be awful to another.  I personally like something light and airy and I don't like an arch support that is too far back in the shoe.  So I tend to like Reebok and Puma, though Adidas has some I like.  Lots of people swear by Asics, but I find them uncomfortable.  Anyway, here's a page with reviews and links to some great shoes.  I wouldn't buy shoes online unless I was sure of the brand's fit on my foot, but if you feel comfy doing so, order away!

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