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Monday, August 2, 2010

August's Book of the Month

The August Book of the Month is The Puppet Masters by Robert Heinlein.  Heinlein was a popular and sometimes controversial science fiction writer.  This particular novel was written in 1951 and was Heinlein's only novel with an alien invasion plot.

Alien invasion, you say?  I thought you were reading post-apocalyptic and dystopian novels, Davis!  Ah, but this novel is also post-apocalyptic.  Since it was written in the 1950's, the fear of Communism and the Cold War were upon the American public.  This novel takes place sometime after the Cold War turned hot, and the world the aliens invade is much different from what we know now.  This should be an interesting foray into how fear plays into the plot of such novels.

Though Heinlein was popular, this book may be difficult to find.  (There was only one copy at my library.)  Here is a link where you can download the audio book for $7.49, if you want to go that route.  I hope you enjoy this sci-fi adventure and I'll see you in a month to discuss it.

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