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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Simple, Positive Changes

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.  ~Albert Einstein

Our modern world can be very complicated at times.  We have so many demands on our time and attention that we often get to the point that we believe solutions to problems also require complicated measures, but that's not necessarily true.  I was perusing through some old magazines (I love magazines, but am too cheap to subscribe, so I pick up old freebies at the library) and found some interesting and simple tips for dealing with issues we may all deal with.  Here's what I learned:

  1. A one-hour session of lying or sitting in a quiet room with soft lighting, eyes closed, listening to sounds of nature of soft instrumental music is just as effective at easing stress as a one-hour massage.  Plus it's cheaper!
  2. Breaking up a work-out of 30 minutes into 3 10-minute sessions throughout the day is just as effective at relieving pain and stiffness from arthritis or fibromyalgia as a longer session.  Plus it's easier to do and is less daunting.  
  3. Drivers who always drive the same route are more likely to zone out, drive on "autopilot," and have an accident than those who take a different course on occasion.  Plus studies suggest that doing new things prevents Alzheimer's.  
  4. Drinking plenty of water, washing your hands, spending time outdoors in the fall and winter, getting 8 hours of sleep, and avoiding or dealing effectively with stress are good ways to prevent colds and flu.  Plus it's cheaper than that nighttime medicine!
Life is difficult enough.  Find ways to simplify.


Kathy Fain said...

I like the advice about driving. I drive the same route all the time and have trained my brain to go one way. The other day my mom and I went to eat and when we were done I took her to my house instead of hers. I'm accustomed to going one way I'm on "autopilot." I think I'll start taking different routes.

J.R. Davis said...

I've done the same kind of thing. I need to start driving the long way around to work every now and then.