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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Story for All Ages

Harry Potter is a big deal at our house.  Our daughter was 9 years old when the first book was released.  There was all kinds of buzz, both good and bad, about the book, so I read it after Carrie did to see what the hullabaloo was about.  I loved it!  We continued to enjoy the next few books as they were released.

One day, Carrie decided that since her dad was always building things and rarely picked up a book, she would read the books to him while he worked.  So she read book after book to him.  One night, she went to bed, having stopped reading at a pivotal moment, and Alan finished reading the book, having caught the bug, so to speak.

When the 6th book came out, we went to the midnight release because we simply couldn't wait.  I remember Carrie had her friend Lydia over that weekend, and the girls spent every waking moment reading it to each other.  I had to grab it when they went to sleep, and then Alan got it after I fell asleep.  We all finished it that weekend.

For the final book, we got 2 copies so there was less sharing and coordinating that had to go on.

We were also at the midnight showing of the first movie.  I think we stood in that line for hours, and there were only about 6 people in the line in front of us.

So now the first part of the 2-part finale opened this weekend.  Alan and I didn't do the midnight showing because he had his eyes dilated yesterday and wasn't up to going out, but I think we'll be at one of the late shows tonight or tomorrow.  (Stop by and say hi if you see us!)

I know the haters like to dump on the stories because they involve witchcraft (though the same people are fine with wizards in Lord of the Rings.  Go figure.), or the fact that Harry often breaks rules (and always pays the consequences).  And I know that J.K. Rowling has not written great literature here, and borrows heavily from other sources.  But what makes the stories so great, to me anyway, is the central idea about friendship.  How just because you're a blood relative of someone, that doesn't mean you are going to be like them, or even that you have TO like them.  And it's the friends you love who are your true family.  And home is where the heart is.

Those are important issues, ones that we should probably consider.

Plus it's just a lot of fun!!

In case you've somehow had your head in the sand and have missed it, here's the trailer for the newest release.  Makes you wanna go see it, doesn't it!!?

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