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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

I'm going to try something new with my blog.  It's a combination of ideas I've seen on other blogs and my own posting habits.  The new feature is that each day of the week will have its own theme.

  • More on That Mondays - These will be stories that are related or in a series.  First up:  friendship.
  • Talked Out Tuesdays - Tuesdays are my busiest day at the college, and I don't usually have much energy or time for blogging.  So I'll be posting only a video with no comment on it from me.  Might be a news story, or inspirational story, music I've discovered, or even a movie trailer.  You never know.
  • Whatever Wednesdays - These will be similar to my current format - just whatever I happen to be thinking about, whether it's health, music, books, or Doctor Who.
  • Thriving & Thoughtful Thursdays - I'll try to feature articles that make you think, encourage you to do something positive for yourself, or celebrate being in mid-life.
  • Fun Fridays - This will be like yesterday was, just a fun list, or a story, a survey, something fun to get you ready for the weekend.
  • Surprising Saturdays/Sunday - What will be the most surprising thing is that I posted anything at all!  
I hope you'll join me next week for my new format.  Be sure to comment and let me know what you think.

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Kathy Fain said...

I look forward to this format.